Seven years ago, I was on a Twitter rant about Lord knows what. It most likely was provoked by some misogynitic dialogue I witnessed. So many people feel that they can tell a woman what to do with her life and her body and it’s infuriating. At the end of that rant, I said, “I am not my uterus!” To me, I was saying, my main purpose in life (whatever I decided for that to be) wasn’t tied to my reproductive organs. That I am woman, hear me ROAR! I can do ALL of the things. A few people cosigned with a cheery “YEAH!” and it got me thinking… 

The idea to start a women’s empowerment movement came to mind, but fear got in the way. Two years after the thought, I had a photoshoot. (Thank you, ladies, for helping me bring my creation to life.) But still, nothing. Fear. Lack of direction. And then something happened.

Fast forward to 2017:

I had a full circle moment when I decided to have an open myomectomy surgery to remove my fibroids in September of this year. 

What started as an idea for a campaign six years ago, then somewhat of a loose plan four years ago, to now a full on resource, is nothing but a testament to God planting the seeds to set this foundation. This is something I needed to complete. So here it is.

More Than My Uterus is an online health resource and inspiration for women who aspire to achieve great things, despite their conditions. I am of the belief that women are masterpieces: able to be interpreted, recreated, redefined and also boundless and free. We are more than just a body, we are the soul, the creators of life. Going through physical challenges doesn’t mean that I can’t make progress in life.

What I know is this: My life’s purpose is not limited to my reproductive organs. I am fully myself and I am capable of self-healing. So no matter what comes your way, dear woman, you can handle it with grace. You can openly and safely share your experiences with those who go through your same challenges.

I am no one special. I’m just a willing vessel, desiring to be used and to use my platform to share the stories of amazing women.​ And hopefully, we will find community, healing and hope on this space.